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If you aren’t comfortable with delegating your web design duties, outsourcing work could prove to be a bit challenging. Web designers who prefer to work in an autonomous manner often end up worrying themselves sick after outsourcing even a small component of a project to remote workers. The trick is to learn how to become comfortable with assigning responsibilities to others so your projects can be completed in an efficient and drama-free manner. 


Know Thyself

If you are questioning whether it is prudent to lean on a remote team for assistance, some introspection is necessary. Think about how you felt and reacted after outsourcing projects to others in the past. Did you feel paranoid about the quality of work produced by remote freelancers?

Or did you assume that they would get the work done by the deadline without a major hiccup? If you felt uneasy about outsourcing the work, it is time to learn how to delegate in the proper manner.

Do not feel bad if you aren’t completely comfortable leaning on a remote team! Some of the most successful people are strongly concerned with maintaining control of their work. Alternatively, some developers do not mind relying on a remote team that is completely out of sight.

The nature of 21st century labor is fundamentally changing. If you don’t feel stressed out or paranoid when outsourcing responsibilities to a remote team, sending them a steady stream of work can ramp up your efficiency, reduce your overhead costs and ultimately boost your bottom line.

An Inability to Comfortably Delegate is not a Character Flaw

Delegating important work to others is not something that the average person feels comfortable doing. We are all used to being held responsible for our work and receiving the appropriate praise or criticism. Handing off work tasks to others is not easy in any aspect.

Outsourcing work to a remote team that you can’t even see is even more of a challenge. This is precisely why you shouldn’t feel bad about your discomfort with delegating. Embrace this discomfort as an opportunity to broaden your horizons by learning how to delegate and rely on others to help you manage your workload.



Delegating Means Putting an end to Micromanagement 

Web developers tend to find it difficult to let go of their responsibilities. Developers are solution-oriented individuals who look to solve problems themselves rather than communicate those problems to a remote team.

If you are the type of person who likes to tweak and manage each and every aspect of a project, it is time to stand back, delegate some responsibilities and let others help you achieve your goals. There is nothing wrong with micromanaging as long as you don’t apply it to others, especially those who support you from a remote location.

In one sense, micromanaging can be interpreted as paying close attention to detail. In another sense, micromanaging means taking on an extraordinary burden and investing time on tasks that should be completed by others. Keep in mind that outsourcing web development tasks to a remote team gives those individuals the opportunity to problem solve.

Solving such challenges is inherent to the nature of developers, whether they are in-house or working from a far-away site. Learn to place some faith in others, assign duties in the proper manner and you might find that the results exceed your expectations.

communication way

Consider how You Prefer to Communicate

Part of the decision to delegate or not delegate work hinges on your communication preferences. Do you like to interact with your team in-person? Are you comfortable exchanging information with co-workers and those who you supervise through e-mails and instant messages? Effective delegation work to a remote team removes the face-to-face component.

However, these individuals can be reached by phone and other electronic means. You can even video conference in a digital face-to-face manner through technologies like Skype.

Consider Whether You are Comfortable Delegating the Result, the Process or Both 

Before you make the decision to delegate or keep the work in-house, give some thought as to whether you would like the work process to be performed by others or if you are only interested in delegating to achieve a specific result. This means you should spend some time considering whether there is a certain way in which you want the work to be done.

Are you willing to place some trust in other developers to adhere to your chosen methods? Consider whether you are willing to let another person figure out how to reach the result. Part of the appeal of outsourcing work is to let other talented individuals approach problem solving in their own unique manner.

So don’t rule out outsourcing your development work to a remote team just because they might tackle the work in their own idiosyncratic manner.  What matters most is results. Give a remote team the chance to perform and you just might be pleasantly surprised with the results. 

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  1. We really like this article. It took us some time and organization at SNJ Associates to get comfortable and find the right way for our executive tesm to delegate, it was a journey!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. We are happy to hear that you liked the article. Yes, while it takes some time but once you find the proper way many tasks become easier.

      A follow-up article will be posted soon. We hope you will find that useful too.

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