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What we did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Launched in February 2019

About project

Andrew Warren is a formal state attorney. The Democrat was revitalized, vouching for re-election to become the state attorney once again for Hillsborough, FL at March, 18.

Hence, Andrew Warren gave the responsibility to create a website dedicated to his election campaign to a web development agency. We were white label partners with them and collaborated in creating an amazing website.

Andrew’s aim was to connect with people and give a clear message that his main goal was to make Hilsborough a better place by improving law and order and increasing safety and justice for the Hillsborough county.

Along with that, he needed an easy way to receive donations. People sending money over the mail was often a bother, it would surely make it easier to donate online. So the site was there to both gain their trust and to donate easily.

We did proper research and developed a website that was straight-forward and highlighted his campaign. Through his website, he could create a bond with his supporters and hopefully acquire donations to run his campaign successfully.

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Our Challenge

The first challenge was to understand the niche. It is an election campaign, and the aim was to connect with supporters to gain trust by Andrew’s election mission and eventually acquire donations.

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Simple but Effective Home Page That Connects

The site kicks off with a video that gives a valuable message to visitors about Mr. Warren’s campaign goals. Visitors will immediately be aware of Mr. Warren’s motives. The home page is made very simple and specific. It shows who the site belongs to, followed by his appreciation in supporting him with his campaign.

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Menu And Pages Focused On The Campaign

To understand the effectiveness of an election campaign, people have to get a clear idea about the Candidate. Hence we created a simple menu that will guide visitors to whatever they need to know about Mr. Warren.

The Vision page clearly states activities that Mr Warren wishes to achieve if he is successful on his campaign.

The News tab includes links to several news updates on the election, state attorney activities, and Law and Order. This tab is there to make people understand that even though Mr. Warren is running this campaign, he is still focused on his true responsibilities, the law and order.

A Volunteer tab is there for any supporter who wishes to help Mr. Warren on his campaign with labor.

And finally the Donate button, to serve the main reason supporters visit this site, to donate and help Mr. Warren advance with his campaign.

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Effects On The Pages To Create Amazing UX

Another challenge was to make sure the site was interactive and not boring. Since it is a website to run an election campaign, the site mostly has details about Mr. Warren and his motives.We wouldn’t want people to get bored and leave. So we implemented some special effects.


The video on the home page when clicked, turns into a pop-up , giving you a complete focus on the video only.


The whole site contains smooth animations for contents to appear as you scroll down, such as smooth entrance and scroll effect.


The Vision page is organized with specific boxes for each vision. On hovering on each box, the vision goals appear with a zoom in effect along with colors changing on the boxes and the text. This effect is intriguing to improve UX.

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