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What we did

  • Marketing Material
  • launched in February 2019

About project

Baseball has been trailing the gaming field since 1972. To prevail the spontaneity of baseball along with softball (a variant of baseball), Diamond Nation, the largest baseball complex of Flemington, America was built in 2009.

Diamond Nation is a 65 acres baseball complex that is currently the home to two playing academy i.e Jack Cust Baseball and Jennie Finch Softball.

Being a reputed organizer of the largest Tournaments in Flemington, Diamond Nation allows the youths between 9U to 18U to be a part of their greater initiatives.

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Diamond Nation is a place for the young generation to practice, play and evolve. They are focused on providing the major essentials to the youth of America under precise supervision and direction of their experienced staff.

The 5 essentials that Diamond Nation are focused on are, proper education, evaluation, competition, development and finally exposure.

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In a world where people are having endless access to information for research or selection purpose, having an online platform will add no value if it is not interactive and convenient enough to the users. Diamond Nation was suffering from the side effects of having a less user friendly digital platform. Hence, they set out to form a perfect customer experience with the help of the professionals.


They became aware that their digital platform needed to make the jump. It has to be renovated and integrated with advanced analytics.  Their major conversion point – tournaments were updated but due to the ratio of the other highlighted elements of the website they were merely noticeable. The selection of tournaments was solely based on the aging parameter of the players only. Hence, people had no option to be specific about their inquiry. As a result, the interested people lost the appeal to proceed.


The entire website was based on complexity and indirect approach. The browsing process became so knotted for the audience that the bouncing rate increased.  Their website needed to be more strategic and straight-forward and also that serves the purpose of Diamond Nation very strongly.


  • Being more specific about their goal & purpose.
  • Highlight their major conversion parameters (such as tournaments and facilities).
  • Provide an easy path for the audience to get to the CTA.
  • Overcome the traditional contents & enrich with modern visual contents.
  • Delivering a digital experience that is both relevant and interactive to use.
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We Helped Them To Overcome Their Challenges

Diamond Nation took the leap with renovating the development & design of their website by relying on us. Having an experienced team of WordPress developers and designers, we understood what they were facing and what were the obstacles that were getting in between them and their large sales conversion. We started with increasing the usability of their website. By highlighting the major Conversion Factors of the website, we created an easy path for the audience to find what they are looking for.


Facility Overview is one of the major points that represent Diamond Nation and what opportunities they hold for us. Hence, a separate page for facility overview with a email subscription under each page was our idea that are likely to increase the engagement from the audience. After taking care of such aspects of the website, we moved on to the content section.


Diamond Nation was more likely a static website with almost zero movements of contents. Users were getting environment they required but not with the type of interaction they should have from an spontaneous playing field. We decided to make the new website more user-convenient that can interact with the viewers directly. And, nothing can meet the purpose here rather than video contents. An optimized balance of both flexible and stable contents were observed overall the entire homepage and the design of the entire website is escalated entirely to advancement. Apart from improving the design and features that were claimed, we retouched the entire website with the insight of our experienced team of designers and developers.

A Summary Of Our Solution
  • Added panning video contents and motion for static photos.
  • Enhanced the Direction of eye to major conversion term i.e tournaments.
  • An advanced Filter option was added to help the users select the desired tournament.
  • Improved the drop down bar from About Me section with more direct and relevant information.
  • Roster Submission gained its recognition from the Tournament drop down.
  • The entire website was made more simple and direct for the audience to search and click.
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A good experience from an interactive website is what most audience desires. We wanted to make the website convenient and interactive to the end users. The new visibility of the website offers the audience to grow valuable insights about Diamond Nation and engage with the service more personally and deeply.

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