Facts You Must Consider Before Hiring Website Designer

Facts You Must Consider Before Hiring Website Designer

The web industry is changing rapidly. New ideas, technologies, platforms are coming around the world. As it’s changing at a rapid pace, more people are engaging with this industry. That’s why website plays a vital role in the modern marketing world. A website can convey and connect message to the user, business owners never imagined before.

If you are reading this post, then I think you are ruminating to make a website for your business. If you already own a website, then you might know what to consider before even hiring website designer. If you are new, you must read this article.

Many people think a website is just one of the criteria they have to check on their marketing list. They build one then they forget. If you are also thinking like this, you are entirely wrong from the beginning.

However, being said that you own a website or not read this article. It will utterly change your thinking in this aspect.

Websites are one of the most formidable marketing tools one can use to increase business ROI. With the flexibility of WordPress, websites can achieve almost anything that no one imagined five years back. You can collect leads, sell products, even give 24/7 support to your clients.

So before you invest money on building a new website consider the things described in this post because it will make sure you are not wasting your money.


Hiring Website Designer 01_-Website-is-an-investment


Website is an investment make sure You get the return

Go to Google and search for “What are the best investments” and look on every article that appears on the first page. Did you find website mentioned in any of the articles? No, right!

When marketing Giants aren’t considering the website as an investment, it’s hard for you to imagine this. Web sites just aren’t on many people’s’ radar. However, you should consider your website as an investment.


Because you can serve your customers with a website, sell your product, engage with your client on a personal level, know about their likes and dislikes, give support to their needs and much more to count. Moreover, you can target a vast audience regardless of border.

Your website is a vital section of your marketing strategy. It’s the core of your digital marketing, yet a potent marketing tool on its own. As a result, you should get a return on your website.

So make sure your website is doing what it’s supposed to do. Otherwise, you are losing a chunk of money.


Hiring Website Designer 02_Great_WordPress_website


Great WordPress website will cost you money

You might think you can have a good working WordPress site in $50-$150. If you’re thinking this, you are wrong. There is sad news for you. You won’t get a website which will be perfect for your business on that amount of money.

Maybe you can build a website for that money or less with a drag and drop website builder like Wix or Weebly. But if you are talking about business and high ROI, then this is not a wise idea. On the other hand, these types of websites are not well optimized for SEO purpose, not even have enough options to extend when you need to add something extra. Which is crucial when building business website

Or, maybe you can DIY for well spending your money. But for that, you have to be a web designer, who knows HTML, CSS, PHP, and some Programming language. If you are an all-rounder, then you might pull this off successfully. However, it’s a lot of work. So you will have a little time or no time to give in business. Is it worth then? Answer yourself.

In my opinion for most of the people, it isn’t worth at all.

If you want a great WordPress website, the pricing starts based on the value you are getting from it. Websites come in different sizes, so bigger one will cost more money. But do remember, it’s worth of paying in the long run. If you don’t invest for good, you will not get better in return.

The reason behind this cost is building websites require some individual process. Each sector has its professionals. From here we can go to the next point.


03 Hiring Website Designer


Hiring Website Designer is one step of the process

Building a website means you have to go through several steps which are inter-connected. Here what the full process looks like:

From the process, you should know you need lots more than just hiring website designers. You need a marketer for helping you make the strategy. Without a strategy, your website won’t have any goals to achieve.

You need Copywriter for producing great content. Though your content will be made based on the plan, you should take professional help to make the content. You also can create your content, but if you are an amateur, it’s wise not to do so.

Then there is website designer who will create the structure and build your website for you. After that, they will do UX testing and take your feedback.

After completing all these issues, you will get your website which will eventually become your primary marketing tool.


Hiring Website Designer 04_-Maintenance-&-Continues-Content-Creation


Maintenance & Continuous Content Creation

If you want to survive the competition, your website should have a continuous update and new content.

Updating your content is not tough when you are using WordPress. While some will say you should hire someone for that, but if you are a small business owner, you might do that by yourself.

Which means building your website is not only a project but a long term investment for your business.

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