WordCamp Utrecht 2018 — CodeRex is Silver Sponsor

WordCamp Utrecht 2018 — CodeRex is Silver Sponsor

WordCamp Utrecht 2018 -CodeRex is Silver Sponsor

CodeRex, a reliable team of WordPress experts, is always motivated to contribute to improving WordPress and it’s a community. We are always optimistic when it comes to contributing to the advancement of WordPress.

Hence, CodeRex will make its fair share in improving and spreading WordPress by attending the WordCamp Utrecht 2018 as a Silver Sponsor.

CodeRex in WordCamp Utrech, 2018

The event is due to be held on 27th and 28th October 2018, at the famous shopping city of Netherland, Utrecht.

This two days event aims to make an impact in spreading WordPress and its benefits to everyone while bringing a lot of WordPress enthusiasts from all over the world in one place together.

Major influencers in the WordPress community, including Marcel Bootsman (a WordPress consultant and co-organizer of WordCamp Europe)Chris Wiegman (an engineer of WPengine) and Rian Rietveld (a WordPress engineer) will spend their valuable times to deliver useful speeches regarding WordPress. There will be a lot to learn.

Three Major Speakers in WordCamp Utrecht

This event will take place at Seats2meet.com, one of the best conference centers at Utrecht, Netherlands.

WordCamps are inspiring events where all sorts of people (students, agencies, freelancers, businessmen, developers) gather around and bring the WordPress community closer.

While spreading valuable knowledge about WordPress, people share their views and insights, discuss new ideas and get in touch with several similar-minded individuals through this event.

WordCamp Utrecht Excitement

WordCamp Utrecht will include one exciting activity besides knowledge in WordPress that will surely let you enjoy the event even further.

Besides creating a knowledgeable WordPress hub, WordCamp Utrecht will include another exciting activity that will surely let you enjoy the event even further.

Utrecht WordCamp will arrange a “Sponsor Scavenger Hunt” on the second day of the event. Attendees will need to spot sponsors, take photos and post them on WordCamp Utrecht’s official Facebook page. More photos win more points and hence, closer to winning the competition. Learn more about this here.

Hoping for a successful WordCamp experience, CodeRex is looking forward to attending this event. Anyone who is still missing out, do come and join us at this inspiring event.

Let us all be part of WordCamps and spread the knowledge of WordPress even further.

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